You Sew Crazy

In our never-ending effort to become independent homesteaders, I understand that it will take a certain amount of craftiness and a whole lot of creativity to get to where we want to be. And the next thing on the list will be to know how to sew. Everything from aprons to car seat covers can be made with steady hands and determination. That sounds good to me. So I will learn the basics and catalog it here.

I have a sewing machine, tools and thread, and enough sample pieces of fabric to get started. I will gather information from various sites around the web. And I will keep in mind that if my grandmother could do it, sew can I. (I really do crack myself up sometimes.) I’ve been told to start with small projects, take my time and not get fixated on the fabric right now – buy cheap in case there are mess-ups. Well, I have all I need and I’ve been prepped for the worst. What do I have to lose? (Note to self: Ask your sister, who can actually sew, to consider being a guest writer for this section.)

All my patterns came from (so far) and this is what I’m currently working on:

A pillowcase dress
Table mats
Pot holders (pattern from Etsy)
Grocery bags

If all goes well, you’ll see the results here. Yikes!


I have no idea how, but I broke a piece of my machine off! Golly gee whiz. Maybe sewing isn’t for me..? I’m going to try to super glue this back on and will get back to you. What a never-ending saga this turned out to be, right?

In the mean time, I subscribed to a nice little youtube channel with many sewing lessons:

It goes slow and is very thorough. Just perfect for someone like me.