What To Do With The Lovely View

Yep! It happened! We purchased our very own piece of farmland! (I’m so excited, I can’t stop shouting!) It was brilliant the way it happened too. Although it was a short sale, the home was originally above our price range, especially for the amount of work there was to be done. So we didn’t give this place a second thought at first. Then the price came down. Hmm. So we did give it a second thought, only to be out-gunned by another buyer. So we didn’t give it a third thought until it sat, and sat, and sat and looked like the house may be going into foreclosure. Well, the third thought was actually an idea the hubby had – to contact the real estate agent directly and make him remember us. Yeah. We just bugged him to death! We said that if anything happens to the first offer, we want to be a backup… and to please make that call to us right away before it goes back to the bank for auction. And it happened just like that. Our offer was put in (all cash, at a lower price) and our closing date was set just a few days before the scheduled repo, which caught their attention. The bank came back with a counter almost immediately – then we went back and then they came back – and finally we accepted. Bam! In less than a month we are proud homeowners again. We were dealing with a very small bank that moved fast, a seller that wanted out fast, and a realtor that gets annoyed fast. It seemed as if it were meant to be.

Can you see it? 4 acres of loveliness. This is more than we ever thought we could get.

Update: We took a look at the official maps of the area and learned that we actually have 5 acres! The previous owner had no idea! Crazy huh?

You can see from the back of the house that this is a project to say the least. (more pics here) But we are willing and able to do the work. We have plans for a full remodel and add on a few rooms. That will come a lot later.

There are lots of trees all over: Walnuts, almonds, olives, lemons, apples, plums and a large variety of other shade trees. There are grape vines along the fence down the driveway, blackberry bushes line one side of the front yard, a giant wisteria hovers over an arbor entrance to the backyard, and one palm tree waits at the edge of the garage to greet you as you drive in.

Update: What we thought would be apples is actually quince! Very cool.

This is a picture the realtor took of the inside of the barn. It is huge and makes the hubby smile. It was set up for horses though it can be used for just about anything. There is also a large shed that would make a great chicken coop.

I tell ya, there ain’t nothing about this property that we don’t like. We are happy and grateful and know how to count our blessings. In the Bible there is a verse that talks about “storing up your treasures in Heaven”, which means to do good deeds as if they are deposits into a bank… and when you need it, a good deed is shown right back to you. Well, we may be overdrawn on this one!



Be sure to read our journal on the journey we took to get here. That starts here. The check out the series about where we came from. That starts here. It is all meant to inspire anyone that wants to do the same. We’re in this together!