Traveling In Style

Picture Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart saying their last farewell to each other in tailored suits and stylish wide-brimmed hats. How about Bette Davis with that fur coat, perfect hairdo and FAB train case in All About Eve? And even though we all focus on the hilarity of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in their girlie getups in Some Like It Hot, they still look hot! When I was young, I remember hearing my grandmother say, “things have changed.” She was referring to the way people travel. It used to be a social, eventful and privileged occasion. You would dress in your best travel outfit and smile at each other. Well that’s it. I’ve decided that it is time for that mindset to return. In a world where ‘body searching’ and the ‘hurry disease’ are the norm, I would like to call everyone together to bring back the dignity and class to travel. For the past several years, I have been getting “fancied up” to leave town and I want you to join me! Take a look:

I start with a FABULOUS coat. Depending on the weather, it could even be a fake fur coat. This leopard-spotted suede coat is amazing up close and looks like I walked right out of a 1940’s movie. Tip: Make sure you can pack your coat into one of your bags if your destination is warmer than where you started!

The carry on case has to be equally amazing. If you only have one great piece of luggage, it should be the carry on. For the rest of your luggage, a good tip is to find a set that stands out (even if it’s crazy-looking) so that you can quickly identify it at the baggage claim. My set is really cheap, but it has polka dots all over it and I always find my luggage before everyone else!

Though security checks are a pain in the you-know-what, FAB girls don’t care. We accessorize with hats, scarves, gloves and more. Tip: Keep the jewelry in the other luggage (too much to deal with, you know?) and wear FAB, but FLAT shoes… in case you have to make a mad-dash across the airport.

Every little detail counts. If you need to take your medication on your travels or like taking your vitamins along, then do it in style! My vitamin bottles fit nicely into this cute little makeup bag I got as a free gift. This one is black and white like the carry on case above, and I have two other makeup bags to match alternate carry on cases – all to match the outfit I am wearing of course!

More details. Yes, even your passport gets a face lift. Find more wonderful items like this on travel sites or my favorite, These little details can be practical as well – you can easily keep track of your items. Fishing around in my purse was cut down to half the time (because the colorful items really stand out) and now I find myself waiting for others as they look for their stuff!

I just know that if we all pull together we can bring the glamour back to traveling. I dream of going to the airport (or train station or cruise port) and walking among a sea of wide-brimmed hats, fur coats, tailored suits and most important… smiles.