Today’s Harvest Report

I’m on my third basket of goodies harvested from the garden plot and it all looks amazing. The zukes have gone wild and so has the crookneck and green beans. Take a look:

That large thingy is a sweet meat squash and I picked it because the plant is dying. There are several people that are having a lot of trouble with their squash plants and we don’t know why. I have two sweet meats planted and one of them is already done it seems, so I’ll keep the fruit for a while to see if it will ripen any more..? And then I’ll just dive in and cook it I suppose. It’s a winter squash and so I’m confused about the July harvest! And I expected a lot more than just two per plant. (I’ll just have to do more research to see what I did wrong.) Since this is my first time growing it (and eating it too) I’ll be safe and stick with a pie recipe, and there is a fabulous recipe I found that is almost identical to pumpkin pie. I’ll post it of course…

The cantaloupe are doing great! This sis has them growing up and over a couple of tomato cages (laying down) and that gives them enough room to grow. We must have about 12 already, I can’t wait!

The tags I put on the tomatoes (when the plants were small) were somehow washed clean and now I don’t know which is which. Wow. There is a first time for everything I suppose. It’s one of those things that could be a source of amusement for years to come. So this could be Roma or Amish Paste tomatoes. Either way, I see a can of pasta sauce in the future!

I started a white pumpkin from seed (thanks to a generous garden neighbor) and I think I’ll dig it up and take it home with me since it needs a lot of room and the sis wants to plant flowers in the last empty box anyway… so we can all be happy. I can always feed the pumpkins to my chickens (hoping to get some really soon). And I can make more pie. Yum.

And finally, I dried out the last of our peas and now I’m eagerly waiting to start them for the fall. There are several varieties in the bag, but I love to mix and match peas and green beans too. It’s all good.

Until the next harvest, see ya!

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