Let’s face it, I am not June Cleaver. Never will be. If I can close my eyes and make the clutter go away, I’d do it in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. That’s why this is such a wondrous discovery – scheduling house cleaning – it surprises me to know that I can actually do it all by myself. Even if I don’t stay completely on track with this schedule, I still look like housewife of the year. Thank you, thank you… (does a curtsy, head slightly bowing down, ego elevated)

This is tailored for yours truly (so you must tailor it to your own home) and is a combination of things I’ve learned at realsimple.com, marthastewart.com as well as what I’ve read in the housekeeping books by Real Simple and Martha Stewart. From the procrastinator to the overworked, this works for all of us imperfect people who wish to look like we are on top of things.


Try to whiz through this in a half hour each day. Of course you’ll need to clean certain things more than once (what’s with that kitchen sink anyway?) but this will help your day get started off right. When your home looks good, you feel good and can then do more.


  •  Wipe down the sink(s) after doing the dishes or loading the dishwasher
  •  Wipe down the stove (and shelf above) and refrigerator
  •  Wipe down the counters, island and dining table
  •  Sweep, steam clean, or vacuum (Roomba) the floor


  •  Wipe out the sink(s)
  •  Wipe the toilet seat(s) and rim(s)
  •  Swoosh the toilet bowl(s) with a brush
  •  Wipe the mirror(s) and faucet(s)
  •  Spray the entire shower and curtain liner with shower mist after every use


  •  Make the bed (others in the house must do their own)
  •  Fold or hang clothing and put away jewelry, socks and shoes
  •  Straighten out the night-table

    Family Room, Living Room, Entry

  •  Pick up crumbs and dust bunnies with a handheld vac (otherwise, add this to the weekly schedule if using a heavy vacuum cleaner)
  •  Fluff the cushions and fold throws after use
  •  Wipe tabletops and spot-clean cabinets when you see fingerprints
  •  Straighten coffee-table books and magazines
  •  Throw out unwanted items and papers
  •  Put away CDs and videos


    Give yourself a few hours or more for this phase of your cleaning. (Doesn’t include the laundry since we dirty clothes like nobody’s business which means the actual day I do it can’t really be scheduled.)

    Kitchen Bathrooms Living Spaces and Bedrooms
    Wipe down all appliances (save heavy scrubbing for monthly cleaning) Clean showers and/or tubs Vacuum carpets
    Mop floor Clean toilets Sanitize telephones and remote controls
    Scrub stovetop, counters and sink Clean sinks and counters Wipe off leaves of plants
    Dust shelves or furniture (if applicable) Wash bedsheets
    Mop floors



    Devote at least one day each month for this phase.  This will take the better part of that day.

    Kitchen Bathrooms and Laundry Room Living Spaces and Bedrooms
    Clean microwave Disinfect floors and toilets Vacuum furniture
    Clean oven Clean sink accessories Wipe down doorknobs, doorframes, light switches, windowsills, baseboards and other odd places
    Clean inside of refrigerator (get rid of old stuff) Wipe down towel racks, toilet paper holders, hooks and other fixtures Dust behind TV and inside furniture drawers (use cleaners if applicable)
    Wipe down cabinets Dust and wipe down laundry room surfaces Dust all surfaces in office and vacuum carpet


    Every 4-6 Months

    You’ll need 1-2 days set aside for these chores.

    Kitchen Bathrooms, Closets, Laundry Living Spaces and Bedrooms
    Clean waste baskets Clean waste baskets Dust moldings and other hard to reach things like ceiling fans, etc (entire house)
    Wash walls Wash walls Launder curtains and drapes (or wash blinds/shutters)
    Thoroughly clean cabinets and pantry (remove dishes, food, etc and clean inside) Clear medicine cabinet of old items and wipe down shelves Vacuum and flip mattresses
    Clean coffee maker Wipe down shelves in closets and replace sachets with fresh contents Wash lamp shades (for entire house; blow-dry dust off first)
    Clean stove hood Deep clean washer and dryer Clean inside and outside of windows (once after winter then again during summer)



    This is a short list of to do’s and should not take very long at all. Don’t forget to add to the following about every two years: touch-up wood floors, professionally clean carpets and clean ceiling.

    Kitchen Bathrooms and Closets Living Spaces and Bedrooms
    Go through pantry and get rid of old stuff; wipe down shelves Deep clean tile grout Deep clean furniture, slip covers and pillows
    Change or clean stove hood filter Rewash any unused items in linen closet Dry clean comforters
    Clean behind refrigerator/coils using a vacuum with brush attachment Wash walls