The Bloom Boom

I don’t do flowers. I don’t do them well I should say. So when I decided to beautify the chicken coop I knew I would have to put my shortcomings behind me and add a few here and there. I also know that flowers are a big seller at the farmers’ markets so I’d better get my act together and figure out how to grow them, ya think?

I started with a small flower bed right outside the (semi) free range area of the run. All I did was stack reclaimed framing materials (from the shed the hubby tore down) in a U-shape next to the run. I purchased a variety of flowers from Home Depot that looked like they were on their last leg. I don’t even remember the names to list them here, but they do look very pretty. And they’re still blooming which is one of the coolest things about living in this part of California; the growing season goes on and on.

I also don’t know if you can plant oregano with flowers… but I did it anyway. These beauties didn’t seem to mind. I know that many herbs are perfect for landscaping but oregano is a bit invasive, more like a ground cover, so I’ll have to keep watch.

I DO know a bit about Marigolds. (patting myself on the back) I know that when you dead head them to not throw them out because they are full of seeds for new plants.

My first flower project in the market garden is more about keeping out critters rather than growing them to sell. The hubby is already cutting the wood and will build planter boxes along the deer fencing as a way to keep the enemies from digging underneath. The flowers are just a bonus. I ordered bulbs this year for a beautiful garden next year.

We decided that the outer board should be on the outside to make it as hard as possible for bunnies and cats (etc) to get underneath.

The hubby screwed the boards together right through the fencing. Looks kinda cool.

Gopher wire went into the bottom and one layer of compost on top of it.

I planted the bigger bulbs first. These are yellow daffodils and mixed tulips. It’ll be gorgeous!

I added the next layer of compost to cover the first set of bulbs, and to raise the level up for the smaller bulbs now going in. These are placed at the end and in front of the daffodils and tulips. They are mixed allium moly, mixed anemone coronaria and gladiolus (in the corner). A final layer of compost covers everything and then I’ll top it with mulch.

When these start to bloom next year, you better believe I’ll have pics to share. It’ll be a big boom of color that the property is missing for sure. I can’t wait. I also have plans to grow sunflowers (for the seeds), peonies and hydrangeas along the fence on the property line.

Well, I think I am ready to do this. Slowly but surely the confidence is building up. Check back next year to see if I still feel this way! 🙂