Temporarily Shut Down

It’s been an exciting time and a strange time. What I mean is that while we are looking forward to the great things ahead (moving, finding land, building a homestead) we have been packing up our things and now life is kinda on hold. I can’t cook big meals like I want to with most of the kitchen packed up. I have a total of 5 outfits that I’ve been wearing so much they’re starting to rip and fade already. And I don’t even want to talk about my hair; so neglected, so sad-looking.

Well, this is one of the shortest rants because I know that all of this is worth it. I talked to my mom this morning and we reminisced about the house and how we’ll miss it (I walked into the pantry and cried) but in the end we agreed that we are only reacting to being “shut down” and how it feels to be in limbo. In that space, you are at the mercy of time, which can move at a snail’s pace if you pay too much attention to it. So I just need to distract… me. I know that’s what my sister was helping me with by renting garden space, and so while I’m here at the house I need to continue packing, checking out properties, take care of the hubby the best I can, continue to write down the rants and dream on.

Thanks for listening!