(under construction) Details of how we constructed the other outbuildings and how we plan to make the homestead run as smoothly as possible. This is just an outline for now…

After the market garden got underway, we turned our attention to the hubby’s shop. From fuel to flooring, this is the place where great things happen. Coming soon:

Loggin’ On Empty

It’s Milling Time (Or, The Unexpected Surplus)

Combining Shops: A Hubby’s Dream

Recycling, Converting And Byproduct Purposing

Creating Delicious Concoctions

Pretty Is A Bad, Bad Word

During it all, there are little things we can work on that will improve on what we started. See if you agree:

I can begin growing my own chicken feed. The hubby will have to take out two trees and then I can till an area right next to the kitchen garden. Then we’ll enclose the whole thing with deer fencing. This spring, I can start growing the recommended crops (things like millet, oats and grain sorghum), learn how to harvest them and create a chicken feed recipe. I’m hoping that this, combined with fresh foods, will satisfy my hungry girls!

Feed ‘Em This, So You Can Eat That

I Could Have Been A Crack Pusher

I can also expand kitchen garden. If the hubby helps me add more boxes to what we have right now, I’m sure I can grow enough to get our grocery bill down to almost nothing each month. And of course I’ll create cute little paths in between and add some decor here and there. Wouldn’t it be sweet if I separate the two gardens with a row of barrels filled with herbs? Maybe even plant some greenery that deer don’t like around the outside of the fencing. (wheels-are-a-turnin’)

People Who Live In Polycarbonate Houses…

She’s A Buxom Backhoe Beauty

And then we have the makeshift kitchen plan. I decided that although I love Big Momma, I have to break off our relationship for now. At least with the kitchen. I need to can food. And cook huge meals if only to freeze them. I also need to be able to spread out a little. So we’re tearing out the old kitchen and putting in used restaurant stuff and tables. We won’t actually build a new kitchen right now and in fact, I’m not really sure it will end up in the same place. But it will be great to get back to the old me again.

The rest of this outline is just a projection… we are hoping it all goes as planned. But of course, anything can happen!


When the solar goes in so will the mechanics for it. And then there is the sightly pool filter contraption, the water tank monstrosity and other things that just bug me! So do we construct a few unnecessary buildings simply to hide them to keep me happy? Uh, yeah! (hand goes on hip and head does a shift back and forth) Coming soon:

Plans for a darling little pool contraption coverup, an equally darling teeny pump house, and a solar and utilities compromise. I’ll explain later.

While the layout for the market garden had completely changed from my head to reality, what didn’t change was the need for a potting shed, golf cart/tool storage, and a greenhouse. We can get by without these for a while, but not for long – especially the greenhouse for starting our own seeds. Coming soon:

The brilliant potting shed/greenhouse combo building idea, and the “I can’t believe it’s a garage” golf cart storage and dream shed vision.

Now, how to get around? You guessed it, we need to put in roads that lead to all the different areas of the homestead. The redesigned homestead layout is coming soon and will show all the proposed additions. (Provided we can do them for free or next to nothing that is.) It will also show the expansion plan (more garden areas, a possible field for cows and growing hay, etc). Finally, I’ll add a blurb about a fairly recent idea for building another garage near the shop to park the tractor, dump truck and other icky vehicles. Coming soon:

Roads to keep the wheels going round and round, even if you’re just doing circles.

Front yard gardening: Making money wherever you can.

How hard can it be to keep a family cow?

The “repurpose the old and pretend it’s new” garage.


Check back soon!