(under construction) There’s something about framing that gives me a thrill! Forget planning – with an imagination like mine, the one-dimensional, black-n-white architectural drawings get to be boring. Forget excavation – too noisy. Forget laying foundation – that is, well let’s face it, that’s boring too. But when the framing crew shows up, that’s when the party gets started! To see the bones of what will soon become your home and to watch it slowly begin to fill in and take shape is the beginning of a wonderful ride. It finally ends with you living your dream.

As this page is under construction, we are hard at work with our house construction and all of it will be cataloged here – the good, the bad, the ugly. But I have to admit, while I have many clear ideas and plans for the homestead as a whole, my vision for the look and style of the house is still up in the air. That’s a first since I knew exactly what I wanted of our previous homes. I suppose the focus on gardening and the animals has put the house on the back burner..? (Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise for the hubby. Hmm.) The only thing I do know for sure is that the kitchen is very important to me. If I have to sleep on the couch and keep my clothes in boxes because we don’t have a master bedroom, that would be an easy thing to do if it meant I can have the perfect kitchen. (Yes, it’s like that.)

As it all unfolds the details will be posted right here. Please check back soon.