An ongoing series about building our homestead.


This is a summary of our long journey – from hopes to dreams come true. The easiest way to read it is to treat it like a short-story book. This one happens to have 8 chapters in it and they all complete one big picture. It explains a major turning point in our lives and our steady growth as homesteaders. It is a personal journey that hopefully expresses our love for this way of life. For more details and how-to’s on homesteading, there are links throughout the pages that refer to related posts or other sections.

My personal favorite is the chapter ‘Law Of The Land’ and the line that says, “We’ll look back and tell great tales about it someday.” You can’t imagine how we felt during this period of our lives and I think that is what keeps most people from starting their own journey – change is a very scary thing. The chapter reads with a lighthearted tone but don’t get me wrong, we went through every emotion you can imagine and then some. And yet we still found the courage to try. When you’re determined to do something, very little can stop you.

So are you at the point of no return too? The point where your heart has gone round and round so much, that now only a straight line to the goal will do? You are not alone. Take the first step in your journey with all the rest of us…


#1 – Like, Squirrel Nuts

#2 – The Homestead Plan

#3 – Law Of The Land

#4 – To Pay Or Not To Pay

#5 – Plotting The Course

Under Construction #6 – Framing: Nice Ride

Under Construction #7 – I Asked For This?

Under Construction #8 – From Miles Around


Other things to read

So what did we walk away from anyway? Most people would consider it a lot, but we saw it as the wrong kind of life for us so we followed our heart instead. What do you think about it? Check out “Things I Won’t Give Up” and the Selling Our Home Series.

A list of online resources that we used along the way or at the least, gained a bit of knowledge from, is found here. The business side of it all is described here.

And make sure you stop by the Build, Grow and Raise categories, and the Good Neighbors page below and search their sites… doing a lot of research will be your key to success.

From our family to yours…