The Spring Harvest Report

Boy o boy am I behind on posts! This was supposed to be published last month… how time flies. So first let me say sorry about all the old pics. I’ll just quickly explain each one and move on to something more current.

today's harvest basket

Earlier this spring, small baskets like this one had us salivating for more. Peas, snap beans a little bit of chard and beets. Yum!

turn the beet around

I didn’t know what a fan of beets I’d become until I started growing them myself. I learned that they must be super fresh, harvested and immediately cooked or something happens to the taste that turns me off. I think these are called Ruby (but don’t quote me) and I also planted Detroit Dark Red and Albino (white) beets. Delish!

back off my beet tops!

The tops of the beets are delicious too. Eat ’em raw or cooked. (Hmm, looks like some bad bugs love to eat them too.)

rooted in love

Just when I get really good at growing carrots, they decide to hook up! I call these “love buddies”.

fennel in hiding

Here’s a volunteer fennel that popped up in the barrel of rosemary! It grew huge and was delicious. I roasted the bulb with potatoes and carrots and the tops are going into pickled veggies. Perfect.

towering lettuce

This head of lettuce gave up many leaves for our salads and now it’s going to provide a lot of seed. To harvest lettuce seed it has to flower then turn to “cotton”. Pull on the little cottony puffs and the seed will be attached. Don’t wait too long or it’s off with the first wind!

Okay. Done. Way late, but done. Onward! 🙂