Selling Our Home In The Woods (part one)

What once seemed like a great idea turned out to be an (almost) fatal move. Building our home. Money kept coming in, heads kept growing big, and soon a beautiful house was built in the woods. Here are a few pictures of how it all started:

This is a view of what I call ‘the garage side’ of the house that has yet to be built. It makes me proud of my husband to see the land this way… he had the vision to turn this into a great place.

He used his excavator and skid steer. Our well was about 1600 feet away from the site of the water tank and this mighty little machine came in handy for digging all the trenches. He LOVES this kind of work and had a blast doing it.

That’s big momma (our motor home) peeking over the fence. Incredible as it seems, this is where we lived through all of it! We had two lots, or building sites, right next to each other. We decided that the upper lot was the best one for building on and so we used the lower one to stay close during the build and to save money.

Somehow we had to retain the hillside and then my husband had the bright idea to try and make it look as natural as possible. Since the local rock quarry was 5 minutes away, it seemed only logical to use boulders like these in the picture.

Here is the beginning of the foundation/retaining wall.

And here is a view from the top driveway (don’t worry, I’ll explain what that means later).

I love this part of construction. Even more so than finish work. It goes so fast and seems like a lot is getting done in a short amount of time. I think it has to do with finally being able to visualize the finished home, whereas seeing it on paper does nothing for me. What a thrill!

Because we put the house on top of the garage, it truly does feel like a tree house. That’s the road way down there… it also makes it feel very private.

Another bird’s-eye view. Look how close we came to the trees. It’s a good thing the redwoods grow slowly and that the deck can be detached… ya think?

This is a zoomed-in view of the house from the water tank. So imagine the crazy amount of work that went into digging a trench from the well (down the hill and down the street from the house) all the way up to where I took this picture. Whew! The cool thing is that buying a pump to get the water to the house wasn’t necessary since the force is plenty and so that saved us a lot of money.

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