Selling Our Home In The Woods (part two)

This catches us up to date. While I say it was a bad move to build this house, I should also mention that it turned out absolutely beautiful and was a lot of fun to do. My husband is a FAB contractor. And I’m a pretty good designer. 🙂

Eventually the house went from this…

…to this.

The transformation was stunning and cannot be captured by a snapshot. At this point in time, we’re doing everything we can to finish and sell it. The driveway is massive and has taken a bit of time, but the concrete guys really went to town on it and finished within a week. We threw down some ground cover and are completely done with the outside. But the inside still needs a bit of painting and we’ve decided to hold off on finishing the deck in order to let the buyer choose their own flagstone. Everyone thinks it’s a good idea.

I’m responsible for getting our things moved into a storage. This way, the hubby and son can continue working and not stress about it. The hardest part is trying to figure out what can go in for a long time and what to keep readily available. We’ve moved enough times you’d think I were an expert by now. We staged the house ourselves using our own furniture and Rent-A-Center. A few flowers here and there and we’re good to go. Hiring a professional could cost $10,000 or more! Crazy. But even with all that is going on and the extra money it requires to finish on time, I’m so very excited. WE ARE SO CLOSE!!! Just waiting for the right buyer. There is a lot of interest in this house because a lot of the local realtors have seen it go up. (They live around here and have passed by on occasion.) It used to be a sore spot, where people actually dumped their trash! We were congratulated for changing the direction of real estate in our neighborhood. Quite a compliment, huh?

Here are the pictures taken by photographers hired by our realtor. These are prior to the last bit of work we had to do but look how they made it sparkle! Right out of a magazine!

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