Salsa Does A Body Good

Here is a walk-outside-and-grab-ingredients-from-the-garden salsa. Easy and amazing. If you choose to can this recipe, use the pressure canning method (since there is no vinegar in this recipe) for 70 minutes, and just know that the flavor and texture will be altered (though it’s still very good). You’ll want to use canning salt instead of table salt. And it’s terrific if you throw everything into the food processor and pulse it a few times… you’ll get teeny tiny bits which makes it very similar to that authentic, Mexican restaurant salsa!

Oh by the way, please forgive the dark/tight pictures. This was made in Big Momma and the space is very limited!


5 cups peeled, diced tomatoes (seeded optional)
3/4 cup finely chopped onion
any kind of hot pepper and any amount to taste*
about 3/4 cup chopped cilantro
1-2 cloves minced garlic (optional)
the juice of 1 lime
about 1 teaspoon salt (or to taste)

*I added 4 Anaheim Chili peppers (very mild so I left the seeds in) and 2 teeny Hungarian Hot Wax peppers (super hot so they were seeded) from my garden. But any combination will work as long as you like the flavor and the heat level!

I started with these giant Cherokee Purples from our garden plot. These taste amazing… similar to Brandywine tomatoes. I peeled, semi-seeded them, and diced them into nice little pieces:

I was able to get 5 cups out of these large and lovely fruits and had enough to stash for the next day’s lunch.

I added half a large onion, or 3/4 cup. Remember, all of this is to your own taste and you can add more or less as you see fit.

I jumped the gun with the peppers because I just had to have this salsa. This is one of 4 Anaheim Chilies that could have stayed on the stem a bit longer. Waddaya gonna do? I used these in combination with these Hungarian Hot Wax peppers:

I don’t feel bad at all for picking these early because a little is all you need. The babies are hot! The combination worked out perfect for this dish. It turned out mild enough for me yet with a kick for the hubby. Perfect.

Get your chips and margaritas ready… we now have introduced the one thing that separates Mexican cuisine from all the rest: cilantro! Fabulous cilantro. We like it a lot so I added a whopping 3/4 cup of it. I just rough-chopped it since I personally prefer the large pieces throughout.

At this point, the garlic is optional. It isn’t totally necessary for yummy salsa, but we’ve had it both ways and decided that we love it. Also add the lime juice* and salt (if using).

Mix it all up, cover and refrigerate. I suggest waiting at least an hour so all the flavors marry and the heat of the peppers comes out. Mix again before serving. Yum!

Change it up

Too much squash on your hands? Dice it up and add it to this recipe! Take out some of the tomato and substitute squash. Change it up even more by throwing in some mango, grilled corn or black beans. This is a can’t-mess-it-up deal and you get to decide the ingredients.

*Tip: While lime is distinctly Mexican, lemon can be substituted and will work very well with this salsa.

Tip: Our tomatoes were JUICY, so I drained out some of the tomato juice before adding the remaining ingredients. This kept it nice and chunky instead of too runny.