Rivaling Martha

I am working on “beautifying” the coop for the arrival of my first chickens. As it was mentioned before, this is all for me. We all know the chickens won’t care! So let’s take a look:

The hubby found these at the hardware store and was such a sweetie to pick them up for me. Aren’t they perfect? I added one to the coop door…

…and one to the chicken door.

This is one of 6 garden boxes we found in the shed when we first moved in. We found the shelf it’s sitting on too. They both look absolutely fabulous under the window!

Although it’s leaning more than the Tower of Pisa, this bench is a treasure among the many treasures we’ve found around here, and I think the girls will love it too.

Since getting the girls we saw the need to add this (semi) free range area. Its entrance is made out of a gate found here on the property as well as the fence posts. Score! And the fence itself is leftover from fencing our old property which made the job (seem) easier. So with this addition (and since we might even expand it out toward the back) the plans to add flowers all around changed a bit. I decided to create a small flower bed area (right) to try my hand at growing flowers and I’ll set out potted herbs here and there. I spread out more sand and keep an extra pair of shoes close to the gate to change into when I go in and out of the run.

A month later and they’re still alive! Whew! (In case you hadn’t picked up on it, I’m not the best at growing flowers.)

I planted these too close to the run and one of the chickens almost had a feast. It survived nicely though. Stay tuned!