The Problem That Led Us To Marital Bliss

Have I told y’all that the hubby LOVES his sawmill? Oh yeah, I did. It makes him proud cut after cut, which leads to a sweeter hubby at the end of the day, which in turn strengthens our marriage… wow, a sawmill did all that!

Got a big ol’ log? No problem! (read more)

But here’s the question: How does he get the most out of a 16 foot, freshly milled board? It is very hard to start with a simple table saw. The raw edges don’t work with the machine’s fence, and trying to freehand a straight edge with the naked eye is a task for the gifted. The best thing to do is to first make one straight cut down one side on an edger. So the hubby decided to come up with a way to make an extra-long “homemade edger” of sorts.

Actually, the idea came to him after seeing old conveyor parts come through the auction. He shouted out the highest bid and brought it home with a big ol’ smile on his face. He mounted a 32′ x 24″ table to the side/wall of his shop, right next to the sawmill; the conveyor/rollers were mounted right on top. The length is no accident; that’s exactly double the length of the longest board he can mill.

Using two pair of roller blades, springs and some scrap metal, he fashioned two rolling contraption-thingies that fit snugly into a channel along side the table.

Some of the rollers and springs are used to keep them in place, and some for movement.

Both are connected by an all-thread rod, so it all rolls together. The distance between the two can also be adjusted according to the size of the slab. Attached to each is a metal arm with a spike on the end. The whole thing kinda hugs and holds onto the wood while he easily pushes/pulls it in a straight line all the way down the table.

Not too sharp now… we don’t want to do any real damage!

In the center is the saw, the last piece to the puzzle. A simple 10″ skill saw turned upside down is mounted underneath. (Really, any skill saw will do, the hubby just wanted to be able to cut up to 4″ thick boards.) Now, slabs that come off the mill can go right on over to the edger.

A nice, clean, super-straight cut. It’s a beautiful thing. (teardrop)

After this, he’s taking me out to dinner! Golly, I think I love the sawmill and edger even more than he does!