Population: 1 Dozen

The growing egg production can’t happen fast enough for me, and I don’t know why… I haven’t come up with a plan to sell them (or even give away for free). All I know is that chickens make eggs so let’s open the floodgates already!

Sweetie Pie and the other White Leghorn have not disappointed me. To date, they have laid 20 eggs between them. And as you guessed it, I’m waiting for the day these gorgeous gals turn the numbers right-side up. There will come a day when the egg, meat and manure production will pay for itself, and hopefully turn a profit. We will see…

Now, I like the color white. I’d just like to have some brown and blue now. Is that too much to ask? At least I know our eggs are as nutritious as they can be because they come from my own farm! That is a proud statement that I could only dream of before. I don’t know what the previous owners fed them, but these girls now get all their vitamins in their water and feed, as well as daily treats to fruit and veggies, and the occasional treat to “crack for chickens”: scratch. They are healthy and their eggs are healthy to eat. Yum.

Here’s to raising the population on the homestead from a dozen (10 chickens and the two of us) to greater numbers. 🙂