Planting For The Season

As the harvest begins to slow down at our garden plot, the veggies here on the homestead get a second wind and start putting out more fruit!

The bell peppers were ravaged by deer but somehow came right back this late in the season. Very cool. Now all 12 plants have big and beautiful peppers on them. Take that Bambi!

The deer also made it through half the hot peppers (which really surprised us) but just look at how well they’re doing. These 6 Anaheim Chili plants came back immediately and put out a steady stream for us ever since.

The 6 Hungarian Hot Wax peppers are loaded and I can’t wait to make salsa again.

And finally, the Roma tomatoes are doing wonderfully… as are the basil that I planted right beside it. The tomatoes I planted in the barrels didn’t make it though. The damage was too great. But that’s okay. I now have the fall planting to look forward to and this time we’ll be ready for all the critters that want to nibble on it. But because these above are doing so well, we decided to add a few more boxes to the kitchen garden so I didn’t have to wait on them to start sowing the fall crops:

We found the wood here on the property and we already had compost left over from the market garden area, so no extra money was spent which completely satisfies the business gal in me. I think I’d like to eventually double the size and fix it up nice and pretty… but only if we can do it for little or no extra money as well. The only reason for doing so is that in the future, the chicken garden will go behind it, so distinguishing our space from theirs is the diva in me taking over. And things must look nice and pretty for her. (There I go again, switching back and forth from practical Martha to must-have-it-all diva. You don’t have to tell me… I already know what you’re thinking.)

To better deal with our enemies, we surrounded the garden with 5-foot fencing. It is spaced smaller at the bottom to deter rabbits and the entire area is just narrow enough to deter deer from trying to jump the fence in the first place. (Deer know that they need room to get a running jump, and wouldn’t be able to jump back out of such a small space like this one; they most likely will avoid trying to enter it altogether.)

Finally, our secret weapon against birds. This ball is supposed to look like a predator to the little cuties so they won’t dig around in the freshly watered soil, or eat anything sprouting. We’ll see I suppose.

I then got busy sowing. I like to cram a lot into small spaces for a variety. It may not be recommended, but I just do it anyway. I planted Red Ruby onion, Walla Walla yellow onion, leeks, Purple Top turnips, Golden beets, Bibb lettuce, Ashley red leaf lettuce, spinach, kale, giant chard, Pink Beauty radishes, White Icicle radishes, red-cored Chantenay carrots, mustard greens and peas. Wow.

I also stuck in a few garlic cloves here and there. I recieved my first shipment of garlic a few days ago and though it’s meant for the market garden, I can’t help but save a few for us too. I have two varieties: Polish Hardneck and Georgian Crystal. The first one is very similar to elephant garlic because of its huge cloves and that’s the one I chose to plant for us. Although the second one ain’t chopped liver! It has a wonderful smell and medium flavor when cooked. Mmmmmm…

The transition from summer to fall is going very well. And in just a few days we can already see the beginning of something wonderful happening. Planting is as fun as harvesting. And eating. 🙂

I have to admit, watching it grow drives me nuts. I get too antsy. Grow food, grow!