Pinterest: How I Now Experience Winter

In just one short month, winter will have arrived. Sigh. No, I don’t sigh because I dread it. I LOVE wintertime! When the boys lived at home, the hubby and I used to drag them to Nevada every year to experience the wonders of snowball fights, skiing and building snowmen. Of course they ended up having a ton of fun and we’d all make a mad dash to the car and run the heater at full blast all the way back home. Sigh, those were the days.

loungin' in the veggie bed

Mid November. More winter veggies go into the ground. The trees are losing leaves and cleanup has finally begun. It’s a lovely, lovely day.

future duckie paradise

In all fairness, this is the kind of weather I prefer. Summer gets too hot at times and spring has a chill that goes straight to the ol’ bones. Fall is pretty perfect and if I had a choice I’d like it to be this way all year. So I know what you’re thinking. Why get all upset about it? Since I like this kind of weather, what’s the problem? Well, I think I want to look up just once and not have to depend on the position of the sun to tell me what time of year it is. It might have something to do with moving to an area that gets SO MUCH sunshine all the time, whereas we used to experience chimneys spitting out early morning smoke, fog twisting around redwood trees at dusk and everyone wearing scarves and gloves by this time of year! Really, this place goes from sun to rain in no time flat, and doesn’t give you time to adjust. Before, fall slowly graduated into winter giving us the chance to build up an obsessive longing for fun in the snow come February, where we could bust in on all those Nevadians and show them how to have a good time. Now, it’s kinda like, “Ho hum. Winter is here.” Double sigh.

Okay, that’s it! I am turning to Pinterest for help. I started a board a while back called Wintertime and I rely on my pins to remind me about the good ol’ days of exhausted kids snoozing in the backseat of the car, wet boots and socks in the trunk and hot chocolate in my travel coffee mug. Now that the hubby and I are settled on our California farm, I have finally figured out a way to make the arrival of winter* something I can look forward to again – thanks to Pinterest. I click on a random pic to see a big bright picture of the comfort of a fire, a stylish/warm coat, a bite of squash pie and snow: My excuse to constantly snuggle up with the hubby…sparking many great memories of the season, the family being all together and the weather. The glorious winter weather. Ah, that’s better. Thank you Pinterest!


now that was fast

And just like that… an overnight freeze happens and there went the tomatoes and peppers I thought I’d be able to harvest today. No warning. Updates to must have happened overnight too. I’m sure I’ll get used to it someday. Okay, I’m ready now. Bring on wintertime.