Pics From My First Garden

Pics of my first garden in our first house. Small, but it did us proud!

Building the boxes that will hold my first-ever vegetable garden! I was only this excited a few other times in my life, including having children and getting married. This is right up there with ’em.

At this point we decided to re-landscape the entire yard, including building a deck onto the house and adding this shed to keep things neat.

The boxes are all filled and I started the green beans from seed (of course). Everything else was purchased from the garden center.

We kept a small patch of grass for the kids to play on, and created a seating area using hand-made pavers and pebble rock. In the lower right side is a glimpse of the flower garden and compost area that turned out great, but for some reason I don’t have any pictures of it! You’ll just have to believe me…

I think I’d like to do another patio like this someday simply because it was easy to do and looks so good. A cement and pebble mix was poured into square forms and placed in this diamond pattern, then we took off the forms once it set, and packed in a (shale) base around it.

We put in this pond for my son’s turtle, since he was getting too big to stay inside. The hubby built this FAB bridge to connect the two sides of the yard and ran it next to the deck. You would have thought a professional designed this yard!

I was able to get a small strawberry patch out of the deal… cool! Didn’t grow enough for even a bowl full, but the kids had fun picking and eating them as they ripened.

I grew yellow cherry tomatoes right on the deck. I read about it and had no idea that it would work so well. They were terrific.

I also tried peppers in pots and look at that! It worked! Who knew? I also stuck in garlic because I read that if you plant it all around your veggies, it wards off many bad bugs, and you still have yummy garlic everywhere.

Okay, where do I start? I crammed a lot into this small space and everything did okay. First, I have two kinds of tomatoes on the far right, along with two kinds of peppers and a zucchini plant all in the same box! (Look at the tomatoes back there… they didn’t seem to mind the small space at all.) Then on the left I have green beans, onions and green onions, yellow squash and lettuce. Now, don’t use this as a plan for your garden! I later read that planting the onions next to the green beans was a big no no. Seems the green beans can take on the onion taste. Oh well. And look how I let that lettuce bolt. It was still really good though. In the front (small) box I planted a few things too late and they didn’t have a chance to get going before fall hit. I planted herbs there the following year.

I’m thankful for the two wonderful seasons I got out this garden. I learned so much and we all were able to get a glimpse of a life we could fall in love with. Growing a garden in any small space is worth a try!