People Who Live In Polycarbonate Houses…

The original plan to build a greenhouse near the back of the market garden still stands. We need a big space for growing food through the winter and an aquaponics system (eventually). We have all the framework here already (milled by the hubby) and we’ll try to find salvage materials for the rest of it. The new plan is to get the seed for all the gardens started on a larger scale – right now. And so we decided to buy a smaller greenhouse and not wait another season to get things rollin’. Impulsive? Yeah. And to think I used to be (slightly) critical of others’ hasty decisions. What was just an idea was suddenly sprung into action when our favorite hardware store presented us with a mega-clearance-palooza-bargain-basement-blowout we just couldn’t refuse. Lesson for the day: Don’t judge lest you be judged!

not your average house

And here it is, the 12′ x 10′ too-good-to-pass-up greenhouse. Plenty room for starting shelves upon shelves of seedlings for the market garden, chicken garden and kitchen garden.

makeshift mamma

I was so eager to start something, that I couldn’t wait for the hubby to build shelves. I ran to the garage to find our old camping prep table. I can start anything in the cabbage family right now, and the kitchen garden has a couple of empty boxes just waiting on me. I mixed up some seed starting mix and got busy.

makeshift momma strikes again!

I have a small stack of carrying trays on hand and put a garbage bag in between two to hold water. This great idea is a life saver, and I’m ashamed of how I first reacted when I saw a friend do it several years ago. “That’s so makeshift! Ha!” Now, I get laughed at for my makeshift ideas… what was that lesson again?

ahh, such cuties!

Makeshift momma strikes again and a flat of broccoli is started in repurposed water bottles. I cut them in half and cut slits in the bottom for drainage…

now you see me...

…and the tops will serve as covers for anything I start in the winter. I’ll let you know if it helps or not.

the sandstone carpet

Finally, I decided to line the rest of the greenhouse with sawhorse/plywood tables as a quick way to move forward. The floor is layered with 3/4 inch drainage rock, thick landscape fabric, sand and pavers. Lookin’ good! One day it’ll be more functional but this works great for now.

a nice variety

Fall planting is now underway even though I’m still harvesting seed from the summer plants. I can start the bok choi and peas while cleaning up and storing the squash seeds, tomato and pepper seeds. This greenhouse will certainly help me keep it all organized.

And that’s the latest around here. With the ability to start so much all at once, I’ll need help next year for sure. I expect the market garden to go from 1/4 acre to almost 2 in no time. Someone recently said to me, “So you’ll be looking for help? Out here? You sure you know what you’re doing?” Wow, dude. Don’t be so critical.