The New/Old/Improved Garden Arbor

My entire homestead plan is divided into sections or separate areas that serve a specific purpose. I happen to be working on the fruit tree and herb garden area this time. What will make this garden different from the rest is the laid back feel of it, where all you’ll want to do is grab a lemonade, sit down and relax. (That’s the plan anyway.) I’ll add many shaded seating areas and of course, a grand entrance.

An arbor. It has to be an arbor that marks the start of this garden. And it has to be big and beautiful; a major focal point. Could I possibly DIY such a thing? Well, I had to face it. My makeshift projects can look a bit… well… makeshifty. This time I decided to take a step back and really put some thought into it.

hmm, looks like a project to me

The two gate-sized arbor tops you see here are the wonderful creations of the previous owners. The wood is aged and very beautiful and the design is quite nice. But our plan for the homestead layout does away with the walkways/gates where we found them. So I decided to use them for my project. I carefully took each one apart and laid everything out in a similar design. All I needed was to replace the short support boards with two longer, wider support boards.

careful now!

In my head it’ll look great. But in reality, it could ruin the beautiful scenery for the entire property! Dramatic? Not if you’ve seen some of my projects. So the first thing I did was to get over my “makeshift momma” attitude and ask for help from the hubby when I needed it. But before I approached him, I ran off to find a stack of old fencing that looked as if it were the same kind of wood. And the same age. The hubby was happy to cut two boards to size for me. Back to work…

still a bit makeshift

With hammer, screws and drill in hand the real work began. This cutoff end piece from one of the fence boards was the perfect size to space the slats. Everything was just falling right into place as I started putting it all together…

this deserves a pat on the back

It’s a work of art! I’m so happy with how it turned out, and inside I’m doing cartwheels. On the outside, I am trying very hard to look as if I know exactly what I’m doing. I stay calm and cool and ask the hubby to help me yet again.

it's what dreams are built on

He and our nephew dug the (very deep) holes for the posts.

and you though I was makeshift?

Then, with forks (yeah, forks!) attached to the backhoe, he lifts my beautiful redesigned arbor top up and into place. We screw it down, I say thanks to the hubby, and call it a day. At some point I plan to finish the sides off by reusing pieces of lattice I swiped from my mom’s house. Then I’ll lay cardboard down on the ground and top it with mulch. And I also want to build planter boxes on either side for growing a climbing/flowering plant. I tell ya, the brain is on overload folks.

standing tall

We have a nice sunny day for a picture shoot. The arbor turned out great. It’s tall and wide enough to easily drive my tractor and golf cart through, and it’s quite a site from afar. I love it! Now I just need to do everything else on the list and we will have achieved garden design perfection. 🙂