Mounds And Mounds Of Magazines

I don’t know about anyone else but there are a few good reasons why I hang onto my old magazines, you know, that stack everyone has in the closet that continues to grow each year. All the advice I’ve heard is to clear out the clutter, recycle the old, simplify. Well, I think I’ve only thrown out 3 magazines in the last 5 years. Two because they deceived me. (Turned out to be add-filled, good-for-nothing but kindling, waste of a fine forest tree magazines.) And one because it simply fell apart. (Who knows why but even the cover started flaking off…I didn’t know printed paper could do that!) I know, I know, we should learn to edit and not hoard. But I personally cannot bring myself to throw them out. They are still relevant to my interests today, full of helpful tips, and many times I find something that I didn’t consider in the past but then it becomes useful to me now. And it’s fun to rediscover what was so great about them in the first place. Take this old favorite for instance:

This is a 2001 gem that I read at least once a year. That’s ten times in ten years and the articles and pictures are as romantic and informative as ever. Just look at that cover! That is one of the top ten, all time best pictures I’ve ever seen. For me, the magazine isn’t what it used to be but as long as I can keep this issue, I’m okay with it. Let’s take a look inside:

This particular issue is full of do-it-yourself instructions (like this one for building your own outdoor lounge chairs) and helpful tips for your entire home. It has such a personal appeal when reading each article – as if they were written just for you! Many mags today do have helpful tips too but maybe it has to do with my generation and what was important back then. This issue just ‘reads’ differently, you know?

I just about flipped when I turned the page for the first time and saw this home. Beautiful! I love everything about it and have been trying to find similar items for my home (like the printed raffia sacks hanging on the wall, the old drop-leaf table in the background, and the chairs! FAB!) and what about the canoe as decor? Brilliant idea for large spaces.

This article chronicled a family’s remodel and just look how it turned out. It was a real heart-warming story too and I re-read it every time. Remember, this was before I became a blogger and even during the all out rebellion I displayed against blogging. Ah, those were the days.

There are only a handful of magazines that I didn’t rip the recipes right out of… this is one of them. I left it as is and typed the recipe instead. That’s how much I love it. Yes, I save my mags but usually tear out the recipes in the back and put them into photo albums for easy access. But I just couldn’t do that to this one. Why? Madness, I suppose. I also have a Victoria mag, all of my MaryJanesFarm mags, a Country Living and a few more that must stay intact. I know. You can shake your head in disbelief if you like. Well, the reasons above are enough for me to hold onto them for a while longer. I like to reminisce. I struggle with new things. I like the old; old is good and becomes new again.