Market Garden Update: The Opposite Of Weeding

We have a break in between storms and so it’s time to do some weeding. But one thing is different this time around.

Just where are all the weeds? They’re far and few between thanks to this layering method I happened upon. The weeds don’t seem to stand a chance as far as getting established enough to take over. For example, I would normally take out the weeds when they’ve grown to no larger than what you see above. In my previous gardens, if they get much bigger than this, they are monsters to try to remove.

But look what happens here. The weeds are surprisingly weak. Weakened by the compost maybe? This breakage isn’t the result of an established root system holding its position, it’s the result of being super frail; it just breaks off!

Unless the weeds are right next to the veggies, I wait until they get to be this big before pulling them. That is a clump of about three of ’em and yep, I know that it looks like I’d need a tool to get them out, but take a look:

I just grab the entire plant at the base…

…and it pulls right out with ease. I kid you not. Shake off the extra compost and done! I almost feel like I’m cheating and not a real gardener at times. Isn’t weeding for hours synonymous with gardening? I have to admit, I still have my doubts about this gardening method and I’m waiting for the negatives to pop up and overwhelm me at any moment now. We’ll see I suppose.

So with all my extra time I decided to finally finish the next pathway and get the next section ready to sow seed. I changed up the layout by shortening the section so that it stops short of gopher city. (Gopher city will get dug out for the pond next year.)

I used my rolling measuring tool and found that the new sections are now 50 feet long. That’s actually what I wanted in the first place… I just got a bit tiller-happy and ended up with 80 foot rows instead.

The next day I actually had enough energy to get the Walla Walla yellow onion seed in the ground. The shorter sections will be perfect for transplanting onion sets when they’re ready.

Okie dokie. Done. Well that wasn’t hard at all. The opposite of hard in fact. With all this extra time maybe I’ll just take a few pics at my leisure and soak up the last bit of sunshine for today. Oh, look! Three gladiolus pushed through already. Cool!