Makeshift Momma Strikes Again!

A few weeks ago the hubby and I found a roofing supply warehouse harboring stacks and stacks of pallets behind the building. After talking to one of the forklift operators (who was the most cheerful forklift operator I’d ever met) we were allowed to pile some up on the truck and take ’em away for free… and even come back for another load later on. Pallets are cool. Pallets can be turned into stuff and I needed something. By the time I got around to using the pallets, the hubby was out of town picking up more trees and I was all alone. What’s a mother squirrel to do?

makeshift is my middle name

Well, you do what you have to do. First, I had a roll of screen (and I don’t even remember why I bought it) that I cut to fit the greenhouse doors. Several clothespins secure it in place. I did this because for some reason the honey bees are still in full force around here and all they want to do is stow away in my greenhouse. My plan is to build an L-shaped potting table/shelving unit and part of it will be used as a desk where I keep track of all that goes on in the gardens. Bees buzzing around my face will be too distracting. Now, they can’t get inside and I can work all day and not be bothered by anything.

you got me all knotched up

Since I already had the plywood cut to fit the greenhouse, all that was left to do was to cut a few pallets down to size and put in some notches. Three pallets are cut to fit the width of the plywood boards and became the end pieces; more pallets line the backside. Notches are cut into all the pallets so the plywood can just slip right in. With everything screwed into place and reinforced underneath, this is one super-strong potting bench/project table.

rescued treasures

Okay, confession. I had the hubby make all the cuts before he took off. And some time ago he also cutout the hole for this bin that makes a terrific potting trough that is easily removed for cleanup. But I tell ya truly, I did everything else myself…

steady as she goes

…like add this makeshift hutch to the top of the bench. Remember the three pallets that were cut for the ends? I used the scrap pieces to make it. I added gopher wire to hang bundles of herbs, pictures and what not. And shelving for storage. Funky but functional. I like it anyway. 🙂

as if it were planned that way

Underneath, planks are used as shelving wherever I want them. Kinda like my own customized shelving unit!

beautifying the work space

To make it a bit more personable and purposefully rustic, I stapled burlap around the bottom. I think it adds a nice touch but I know what you’re thinking. Staples? Remember who you’re talking to. But don’t worry, I intend to fix it when we get around to setting up a project/sewing room. One thing at a time right?

still so much to do...

So what’s next on the agenda? Tall open shelves* for the left-hand side of the greenhouse. I’ll need them for growing the seedlings. Tall because my eyes were open a little too wide when ordering seed this year and I’ll need the extra space. (I found a FABULOUS heirloom seed company and pretty much ordered everything.) Maybe I can build the shelves myself? Hey, I have my own set of power tools so why not? And look what I just did! Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can do anything now.

(not so secret) getaway

I still have to add temperature controls and lighting but it’s a working greenhouse just the same… I am ready for spring.

*Update: I decided to give makeshift momma a rest because I had to get busy starting the seedlings and ran out of time. This shelving was easy to put together and cheap enough. These will let in lots of light and I can add more shelves as needed.

rackem' stackem'