Less Ado About The Do

How do black farm girls keep their hair safe from sun damage? They put it up of course as stated in this post. Yes, it would be nice to have our lovely locks bouncing around as we run through fields of lilies just like the many romantic pictures we see around the web. But is that realistic? Uh, no. Our delicate hair follicles and shafts need protection, that’s just the way it is. After we put it up to do the farm work, we then have to spend a good amount of time styling our hair in order to go run errands. Or do we?

Let’s just say that this farm girl has figured out a way to minimize the fuss with this two-steps-in-one shortcut. It totally works for me. You should first know that I keep a relaxer* in my hair. And you should also know that I stopped using heat on it: Hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron… nothing. Next, I comb my hair with my fingers. Yep! Finger-combing helps to all but eliminate breakage – where a comb yanks on the hair, your fingers gently detangles it. I only use a comb to comb through conditioner after shampooing. And finally, I cut back on shampooing. (Which again shows how little I comb it.) Since I stay on the farm most days and only head out when I must go shopping or to the bank, etc, I can afford to give the locks a break from shampooing all the time. Every two to three days does the trick. These changes have helped my hair get strong and stay strong.

no mo' tangle

So you might wonder how on Earth do I style my hair without heat or even a comb?! I know it sounds crazy, but it either starts the night before or very early the next morning (before or shortly after the chores). If shampooing and conditioning, I then add hair milk** to wet hair, finger-comb and brush. I do this using a (super) soft-bristle brush. Nothing hard. Remember, hair like ours is delicate and needs TLC. For the style below, I brush my hair from the top downward. Just trying to prevent flyaways and brush down edges. If not shampooing, I add hair milk and something for hold.

let's do the twist!

Divide hair into four or five sections toward the bottom; never actually parting at the scalp. Twist (or braid, depending on the look you’re going for) and leave a good two inches at the ends to “twirl” up in loops. It might untwist just a tiny bit but will stay together for the most part (gotta love African American hair). Secure with a bobby pin if necessary. Leave it be or put it under a head wrap by pulling each twist together toward the back and cover with a scarf. I like to do this after the morning chores… a farm girl should probably take a shower before mingling with civilized folk. 🙂

the fluffier the better

Right now, I only spend a couple of hours doing chores early in the morning (I have the freedom to come back to do more work later) which leaves plenty of time for me to get prettied up before business hours. And so my hair has plenty time to dry. We plan to add more animals to the group and as my chore hours grow I’ll let you know about the changes I make to my beauty routine. But for now, it’s as quick as can be. Not even close to what I used to do way back when. Blow dry, flat iron, curling iron, hair spray. I’m so ashamed. It would take hours! And it’s the reason why the hubby turned on me (read about it).

When my hair is dry I untwist each section and gently “pick it apart” and “fluff it up” until I get it just right. I let it naturally fall where it wants to in the front, but at this point the finishing touches are up to your own personal preference. Sometimes I like to do side-swept bangs by rolling the front in a curler or pinning it down, and sometimes I like to pull it back and give it some height using a touch of pomade for hold. Either way I’m ready to let the diva out on the town.

Tips from experience

  • My favorite Carol’s Daughter fragrances are Black Vanilla and Tui. And apparently, these are favorites for some garden insects too! Just be warned farmgirls, when you use products that have natural ingredients (especially your own homemade recipes) bees, ladybugs and more might like it too, therefore having an attraction to you! Hmm. I never had this problem when I used products from “the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company”. I wonder why..?


  • Thinning hair happens to everyone. Start applying coconut oil directly to your scalp and your hair will become noticeably fuller. Dry hair: Apply melted oil to scalp and hair and cover for 15 minutes; wash as usual. Wet hair: Apply a teeny bit of melted oil to scalp only and massage it in; style as usual. To melt coconut oil: Add the entire jar of oil to a pan of hot water. Remove it as soon as it melts and before it gets too warm. Any which way you look at it, coconut oil is undeniably one of the best gifts from nature.


combing is a bad, bad word

  • Although I stink at taking selfies***, I was able to finally capture my hair color tones with this snapshot. At times (mostly in bright light) my hair has reddish tones that are a result of a hair dye I used many years ago. The color was red and it was from a respectable company that is known for its hair color products. Well, I have yet to “get the red out” even after dying it black several times afterwards! The red seems to be permanent and it becomes more orangy as the sun highlights it every summer. So think about this if you decide to change your color. Beware of the reds!


So there ya go. The fastest and easiest routine ever and it turns out great every time. I know there are some neato tricks out there to make it look more polished, but until I’m invited to meet the queen of England, this hairdo will do.

*Even though I haven’t made the transition to natural hair, I can still get a natural look with this routine. Relaxed hair is just easier to work with, and I’m all about easy!

**You can also get hair milk ‘pudding’ for hair that needs extra help to set.

***Sorry about the poor quality pics. I am not your average Facebook socialite that knows all about lighting and angles. My hand shakes when I lift it too high and it probably took about twenty tries to get one pic that kinda looks like something. You get the idea though, right?

Great Tutorials On Youtube

Here’s an amazing twist-out on dry hair:

And here’s a braid-out on slightly wet hair: