I’m Doing A 21-Day Detox/Cleanse

Yes, we all need to do it every once in a while – cleaning the pipes helps us stay healthier. So on June 1, I will begin a 21-day cleansing that goes in three stages:

1 – The first week I’ll cut back on the bad foods and try to eliminate meat, coffee, beer, sugar and starchy stuff altogether.

2 – During the second week, I’ll stop eating food and concentrate on juices, tea and water. I’ll supplement with a colon cleanse program and add liver and kidney supplements as well.

3 – The last week I’ll introduce meat back into my diet and slowly start eating ‘healthier’ foods.

And during all three weeks I will also drink a warm water/lemon juice/cayenne pepper combo to aid my gall bladder during the cleanse.

I will post an update on it, and then let you know how I feel afterwards. I know it’s good to do one at least once a year, but it can deplete your energy. So I picked June since it’s right before the heat of summer, long after spring sowing and long before the harvest. And doing one in the winter just seems wrong since you need all your blubber to stay warm! 🙂