How To Peel A Tomato

Peeling a tomato is quick and easy to do. And necessary for sauces and canning because who wants to chew on cooked tomato peel anyway? Let’s get started:

1. Have a pot of boiling water going. Add enough water to cover 2-3 tomatoes completely.
2. Fill a bowl or sink full of cold water. Add a handful of ice cubes as needed.
3. (optional) Sometimes, slicing a tiny “X” into the bottom of each tomato helps tougher skin to loosen up. I often find this necessary for store-bought tomatoes.

4. Using a large spoon, ladle or straining tool, lower the tomatoes into the boiling water – just 2-3 at a time. You want to remove the skin, not cook it, so don’t add so many that they end up sitting in the water longer than they should.

After 30-60 seconds (no longer) take them out and immediately place into the cold water until you’re ready to peel them. I find that store-bought tomatoes will sometimes use the entire 60 seconds, but the Cherokee Purple tomato you see above came from my garden, and 30 seconds was almost too long. I suggest doing a test-run on the first two batches – one at 30 seconds and one a 60 seconds – to see which you prefer.

After that, the peel will just slide right off. I kid you not. You can go from there; seed, chop, slice, whatever you need for your recipe. How fun was that? And you can still compost everything – it’s all good.

Win win!

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