Making A Few Changes

We’re starting a CSA (community supported agriculture) for a handful of select families in our area. That means they will buy ‘shares’ of our market garden and collect fresh food as it is harvested. More info about the Homestead Farm Market coming soon.

About Our Family

We are a family that has had it with the rat race. One day we asked, “Are we working to live or living to work?” At that moment, we realize that everything had to change. So we sold our home in Sonoma County, California and purchased a small, 5-acre property here in Sacramento County and are steadily turning it into a working farm we lovingly call Old Homestead Hideaway.

The strategy for improving life here on the homestead is heavily focused on the food we produce. Here are two of the ways we make sure to stay on the right track:

Heirloom crops

We think heirlooms taste really good and you’d be surprised at how well these delicious foods store, even when picked at the peak of ripeness. The colors and shapes you’ll see makes heirlooms so much more fun too!

  • Pesticide-free – We are a pesticide-free farm and always will be. Why? Pesticides not only seep into the ground, but they can become airborne, seep into the water supply, and even penetrate our skin; creating a poisonous environment for all that feed on the food the Earth produces. So we will always do all that we can to keep it clean.
  • Healthy soil – What we put into it is evident in what we get out of it. We’ve added all organic matter to the soil from the beginning, and continue to amend it with organic compost and mulch only as needed each year. Our well water is clean and we use a tried-and-true crop rotation method to keep soil-borne diseases at bay. Weeds are hand-picked so we do not have to use herbicides.
Happy animals

We also pride ourselves on raising heritage animals that eat and live well. Local customers are welcome to take a tour to learn more.

Pesticide and herbicide-free, in season foods. Healthy, happy farm animals. It’s what we envisioned from the beginning and what we continue to strive for today.

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