Home Improvement

A few photos for your collection… 🙂

The hubby got hold of the weed eater and went to work on the side yard next to the driveway and discovered these! It looks as though they used to grow a type of bamboo, but now there is a blackberry bush in one of them. I now have the repurpose fever folks.

These are the almond trees at the start of the driveway. They actually look like trees now.

A closeup shot of the almonds… the ground squirrels are loving it for sure.

The grape vines are out of control around here. Just another project to tackle.

A very large olive tree that is in desperate need of some TLC.

A… plum tree? We never claimed to be experts so we’ll just have to see what this turns out to be.

The hubby’s got skills when it comes to clearing out weeds. Now you can see the house. Cool!

That’s it for now. More pics in time. Stay tuned.