Grow Food, Grow

The thing about having a garden (for me anyway) is the canning I can look forward to! Ever since I became a Mother Squirrel, I feverishly gather and store as much as I can whenever I can. Here’s to all them tomatoes turnin’ out!

Here is one of 3 tomato plants that were given to us by a concerned gardener. She was so lovely to gift us these beautiful plants that are going strong. What kind they are exactly is a mystery (she didn’t remember, she had so many) but any tomato is a friend of mine.

And now for our babies. They are significantly smaller, but they came back which is FAB. I really hope the Amish Paste takes off because I’m looking forward to canning pasta and pizza sauce.

The sis added cherry tomatoes and marigolds… how sweet! It rounds out this bed very nicely.

We really need to get more cages, 4 more I think. And we can use a couple of chairs to relax in. And a washer for the hose we installed because it leaks. (and the list gets longer and longer)

And now for the “must do” list. We had always planned for the squash to be planted in the ground next to the boxes, however, only part of the ground was weeded because yours truly (points to self) was lazy and didn’t weed the rest of it. So I had to put the zucchini and the crookneck into a box and now I’m hoping they won’t take over the isles.

At least this sweet meat squash is happy! This is what the entire side should look like.

Here is the one, the only, the most fabulous survivor pea! It rode the storm and is looking great.

The peas are very sweet and tasty.

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