Greenies Like Us: Pam Schmam

Trick question: What do you get when you take 2/3 cup mystery oil, add alcohol and lecithin (additional carbs to calculate if you happen to be dieting), stick it in a non-reusable can full of propellant (gas used for spraying) and pay $3.50 for it? Answer: Pam cooking spray.

Here’s another question for you: What do you get when you take a reusable canister with a built-in pump and fill it half full with the cooking oil of your choice? Answer: The smartest thing you’ve ever done!

This one is a no-brainer… pay a high price for practically nothing AND add to the landfill or use a do-it-yourself method that is better for you and the environment? Oh yeah, that’s an easy decision. I did a bit of research on to see which dispenser was worth the shipping (because shipping it would add to my carbon footprint and all) and immediately tried the Misto sprayer. Though it only holds a small amount of oil or vinegar, it seems to be the one that works the best. So if you’re like me and you like a mist of oil every once in a while, then here’s a tip: Buy several to suit your needs – one for keeping olive oil, one for canola oil, one for an oil/vinegar blend, etc. So far (about a year now) I’ve had no problems with the pump on the Misto brand at all. And here’s a tip from a buyer on slightly unscrew the cap (relieving the pressure) in between uses. This prevents the Misto from clogging up. Clean it once it’s emptied and let it dry (thoroughly).

Tip: Use labels like these for the different uses.