Gardening Odds And Ends

The garden is just gorgeous and I’d like to share a few pics with y’all. But first, here’s one last little stray friend to show you:

The birds must be the culprit in the amount of stray plants that pop up around here. This tomato plant deserves a cage and let’s see what kind of tomatoes it makes…

There are several gardeners here that have been appointed the caretakers of the common areas and are responsible for the plantings. This beautiful centerpiece is one of many eye-catching surprises throughout the garden.

The common areas also have fruit, veggies and herbs that are for anyone and everyone to enjoy!

We expect a lot of lemons from this tree. The thyme is crawling with honey bees. Yay!

And just look at the basil in the common area next to our plot. Terrific.

We give it two thumbs up!

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