Garden Plot Update: Too Much Of A Good Thing?

When the sis and I decided to go in on this plot, we were excited to get our hands dirty, eager to put in the hard work and full of hope for the future harvest. So much so, that we just dove right in and started planting stuff without thinking about it. We knew we’d want to try as much as possible, but as much as possible of just one thing wasn’t in the plan. Take a look:

We knew this section would have several tomato plants in it; a variety is necessary for the many things that tomatoes can do.

But then we added these two to the box with the peppers. One was a gift from a neighbor/gardener and the other was a sale the sis found at the nursery. What are ya gonna do?!

There are also two more in another box… so what is that so far? Nine. Nine tomato plants that will make a variety of fruits for two families of two people each. (All kids are gone by now, only empty nesters here.) Can you say, ‘gift basket’?

And now we come to the squash. Two sweet meat, one zuke and one yellow crookneck. I know… that’s a lot! Did I mention that we were excited, eager and full of hope when we first started? That’s why we weren’t thinking!

And all of the squash are already making food. What to do with all that squash… Well, between the two of us I’m sure we can come up with some pretty creative solutions for this one.

And this one…

…and these. I do love squash. All kinds. Really.

One thing I personally am happy we have too much of is the basil. I love fresh basil. Who doesn’t? I just picked off all the flowers to keep them going. (more tips here)

It’s time to get out the canning supplies and jars, and prepare for the Mother Squirrel in me to get ready to can, dehydrate and freeze a few things. We are still renovating and living in the RV at this point, so I will have to pull favors with family and friends to get it done. Keep on checking back to see how that goes. 🙂

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