Garden Plot Is Growing Strong

We had a real scare a little while back with a (very) late-season storm! All the green beans and peas my niece and I planted died and the tomatoes and peppers I set out to harden off, were doused with rain and cold temperatures for several days. It was the saddest thing ever. All the seedlings are from the Sustainable Seed Company (just north of Sonoma County… they’re the real deal). The seedlings that were doused: Copia tomato, Amish Paste tomato, Pink Brandywine tomato, Anaheim chili pepper, California Wonder bell pepper, Black Beauty eggplant, Black Beauty zucchini, Sweet Meat squash, Yellow Crookneck squash, Thomas Laxton pea, Kentucky Wonder bean and Blue Lake bean. All of them looked as if they would not survive. The green beans and most of the peas that were lost was substituted with seeds I found at Home Depot. I know. But I was desperate and the brand said “organic”, so what are ya gonna do? The Anaheim peppers and eggplant didn’t make it, but I doubled up on everything which gave us a good shot at some gaining back their strength. And to our surprise, most of them did survive.

Lookin’ good, right? We’ve been weeding a lot. After all, it is a field and there are weeds all around us. Everyone has to commit to 10 days a year to clean up and weed the common areas to help keep them out. Now for the closeups!

The arugula came up fast! I didn’t expect it to grow so fast. We planted red and green leaf on the right and spinach in the next row front of it, but they won’t be able to catch up with this batch of arugula in time for salad.

The mixed greens are ready though! And look… there’s more arugula coming up already. What was I thinking?

All of the herbs were store-bought. They are just so hard to start by seed without the proper setup. We’ve been in transition during the building of this garden and so I decided to cheat. This basil seems healthy enough though. Just how FAB is basil? There another gardener here that grows mostly basil just so he can make fresh pesto all summer. This is serious folks.

The rest of the store-bought herbs are struggling. This flat-leaf parsley did not like the weather changes at all. Right after the storm and freezing weather, the heat came. The parsley, oregano and thyme said they were taking a vacation from it all for a while. The seem to be perking back up… we’ll see.

The wild mint however, is doing just fine. We’ve been weeding this from day one but decided to keep this little patch for tea.

The last bed to get planted is now home to more tomatoes and peppers and even a melon. My sis says she has a way to train the melon upwards. What great pictures that’ll make!

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