Farmgirl Or Diva?

My coffee table tells all. I subscribe to Grit, BAZAAR, Living the Country Life, Natural Health, Hobby Farms, Caribbean Travel, Mother Earth News and Elle Magazine. All these magazines are just sitting on my table ready to expose me. What are they saying? “Hey you, visitor. Take a look at us, do you think she’s a bit confused or what?” How is it that I want to be a farm girl AND a diva? Aren’t the two things polar opposite? What is this desire I have to work the land with my bare hands, yet I still have to get a manicure from time to time? What is this conflict inside me? What’s wrong with this picture?!!

Well, nothing. And a wonderful discovery helped me to figure that out. Her name is Mary Jane. (Mary Janes Farm) Once I thought myself to be a walking contradiction, but I now understand that I don’t need to fit into a neat little category, I can just make one up to suit me! Mary Jane has so graciously clarified this for me. I now call myself a Farming Diva. You see, we are the glamour girls of yesterday. The hard-working wives and mothers that romanticize life and love. Our vision of ‘living’ includes taking pride in what we do, having a wide variety of interests, and not really caring about going with the flow. We are who we are. And we’re happier for it.

This farming diva likes to work her hands…

…and show off her toes.

Here are some of the headlines on my subscription page:

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School – 106 Rice (by Martha Stewart)
Red Pig Rakes (GardenGuy06)
How to Make Italian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions (by allrecipes)
Spring Survival Gear Preps (survivalistboards)
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Bumblebee Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial (by SimpleLittlePleasures)
Assembling Meals In A Jar Ingredients (by imasurvivornthriver)
Solar Oven Terracotta Flower Pot Cooker (by greenpowerscience)
How to Make Chicken Bouillion using your stock from canning cooked chicken (BexarPrepper)
Weed Contol in the Garden (webcajun)
Michael Kors Full Collection – MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK SPRING (mbfashionweek)
How Short Season Corn Impacts Cover Crops (CoverCropSolutions1)
Easy Voluminous Braided Bun on Mini Twists Natural Hair (Naptural85)
Making soft Goat Cheese (Michigansnowpony)

Tell me, what’s wrong with that? I enjoy creating a fabulous gourmet meal in my kitchen, and munching on it while watching classic films on TCM. I love dressing up in long skirts and jewelry, only to take a walk in my garden. I start out as a prepper by canning, freezing, dehydrating and storing it all, and then I’ll pack it up in a cute little gift basket for a friend. I want to be a hard-working, practical, jack-of-all-trades like Martha Stewart and a 1940’s world-traveling diva like Ingrid Bergman. No, there is no confusion about it. The coffee table wouldn’t raise any questions. It would simply tell my visitors, “She is who she is – FABULOUS!”