Chickens Love Wintertime!

My chickens love water. That I knew about. My chickens love the rain. Okay, interesting. My chickens get mad at me when I try to keep them out of the rain. Golly gee whiz, gimme a break already! While the chores have me winterizing the coop and run, the chickens seem to be annoyed that things are changing.

For example: This girl loves to waddle in mud. Just look at her feet. Shameful. But when it really starts to pour I don’t allow them to go out into the “outside” area. I make them stay in the covered run so as not to get too muddy. No, I’m not a mean chicken mom, I just know that a lot of health issues can arise if the chickens don’t dry off every once in a while, or if the weather is too cold. But do they understand that I’m just doing my job? All I get is whining and angry squawks when I walk by. And I get the dirtiest looks from them, I tell ya!

I’ve been using a bedding from the feed store and mixing it with shavings from redwood that came off the hubby’s planer, just to stretch it out a bit. It’s pretty soft and the chickens really seem to like it. But I noticed that since they’ve been getting damp from rain, the bedding gets a little damp too and then it slightly stains the eggs! Who knew? (I still think it’s a good idea to use the redwood, just not during wet weather.) But did they care that I care? When I changed it, I received loud cackles and flapping wings as if I upset their entire world!

This girlie thinks I’m insane when I keep her inside. She and the other Wyandotte love to fly up into the tree outside right after they’ve pigged out first thing in the morning. As I enter the run to change their water and make sure all is in order, she jumps up onto the stack of logs and looks me up and down. If she could talk I’d suspect she’d say something like, “She can’t keep us inside all day! Just who does she think she is?”

She started laying eggs* for the first time this week. Awesome! They’re super-looking too… speckled, which I didn’t expect. But wait, it’s wintertime. Why has she started now and why an egg a day? Don’t these chickens know it’s the wrong time of year for high production? Not one has slowed down and now this! Hmm.

“Don’t you dare take a picture of my backside either!”

Okay, fine. But I still have to lay out mulch and clean the gutters. The hubby has to shave off a bit of the coop door because it sticks. I moved the metal garbage bin (that holds their feed) into the run. And I’ll hang the waterers and feeders so they don’t get them muddy. The girls are just going to have to understand that this is how it is at this time of year. Wintertime and wet weather may be fun, but there are rules we all have to follow.

Do I really look like I care?

*Update: As soon as I finished typing this, my littlest Ameraucana laid her first egg! (jumping for joy) What a beautiful green color! But again, it’s the end of December… go figure.