Bertha Does The Job Right

I like all things fancy and luxurious. I also like all things that are productive and do the job right. Sometimes the two don’t always go together. But in the case of my range – my amazing Craig’s List find – I have the best of both worlds. And here she is, Bertha. She is an older piece; a commercial range straight from a restaurant and cost $1,300.00. When I knew I wanted at least 6 burners and a double oven we priced the residential, newer brands. FORGET IT! We aren’t talking $1,300.00 – try $13,000.00 for one of those bad boys. And when I saw this online I figured I’d forget about fancy, just this time anyway. But when she arrived… well just look at her. She’s awesome! She really is everything fancy, luxurious, productive and more.

I will not be going back to the standard, Sears rip-off type stoves. And if you have ever cooked on a commercial stove you would know what I mean. You know how you sometimes have to move things around in the pan because the center cooks faster than the outside? Not with Bertha. The flame is wide and creates even coverage for even cooking. And the flame is hot and boils a stock pot of water in no time. Also, because she has 10 (count them, 10!) burners I have been able to get two water bath pots going, along with a pressure canner, while cooking two stock pots of jam and one pot of soup! And there was so much more room, I tell ya, if I had eight octopus arms then it would be ‘game on’…

My sincere suggestion to everyone who does a lot of baking, canning or takes a shot at making gourmet meals is to get one. They come in all sizes and configurations and getting what you want wouldn’t be hard to do. Bertha isn’t a brand new and pristine appliance like a Viking or Wolfe, but she sure looks good and I am positive she cooks way better. We had to refit her for propane. We had to get a 60″ high-performance hood, but any standard one will do for a 30″ range. We had to line the wall with fire-resistant board. But all of it was very easy to do.

Bertha is from a company called Sunfire which I never heard of before and I think the reason is they only make commercial appliances..? But they really thought it through by making it easy to clean (the whole thing opens up for easy access). This particular range is non-electric which means it doesn’t have ignition starters. So I leave the pilot for both ovens burning and then I light each burner as needed.

I use a super cool and super cute hand-held torch by BernzOmatic; bought it right at Lowes. When I light a burner I feel like a chef! It’s on! But Sunfire also makes electric, automatic ignition ranges too… to each his own.

I suppose the hard part would be transporting it home. They are extremely heavy. All steel and no plastic parts painted to look like steel. Okay, I know you get the picture by now… 🙂 Eat your heart out Viking and Wolfe!

By the way, this picture is by professional photographers that took them for our realtor (full story here) and take a look at what they decided to focus on… our cheap commercial finds on Craig’s List! I’m just saying…