Baking Bacon

This is the easiest thing to do. And very little mess. Bake the whole package and keep extra bacon on-hand for crumbling onto salads, adding to your breakfast omelet and more.

Start with a baking sheet or something wide with sides to catch the fat.

I like to line it with foil if I have some available. (I’ve been trying to not buy the stuff since it really is a wasteful thing, but I sometimes give in.) Alert: See why I stopped using foil.

Lay each piece flat, no overlapping.

Cook at 375 degrees for about 18 minutes (depending on the thickness, maybe less, maybe more). Rotate the baking sheet half way through for evenness.

I use kitchen towels to drain the cooked bacon. (Soak dirty, greasy towels in hot water and baking soda before doing the laundry.)

Let the pan cool so the fat hardens a bit before throwing it away. Easy!

At this point I just store it in the fridge unless I need it right away. This makes cooking other dishes (like this cabbage recipe) super quick.