Anticipation + Preoccupation = Obsession

Yet another harvest and it ain’t even August! Between the sis and I that makes six baskets of food so far. Not bad for the late start. We decided to plant onions, radishes and other cool season veggies in the empty box (near the start of the garden) which means we can look forward to harvesting food for a very long time!

Growing green beans this year has been an eye-opener. When I grew them in my first garden they provided exactly enough for a small family. I followed the recommended instructions for spacing the seeds and they did great. But here at the garden plot I decided to take a chance and just line ’em up, one next to the other. Well, the plants have gone wild and have produced handfuls and handfuls of green beans… with no plans to stop anytime soon. This is great news since I would love to grow and sell as many vegetables as possible and green beans seems to be a money maker. We shall see.

And more hot peppers to grab… I don’t think I’ve ever had this much success with any kind of pepper.

Speaking of peppers, I have been watching these bells like a hawk. The anticipation is maddening because they’re doing so well… you see, peppers are hard for me to grow and I think that the fabulous compost we started with has been the missing component. I used to get one or two out of a plant, but these are surrounded with them and I can’t wait!

So this is today’s harvest from the top left: Basil, green beans, crookneck, hot peppers, oregano, sweet meat, and in the center (it’s hard to see) is some lemon thyme. Yum!

So what else are we looking forward to? Hmm…

Ciao bella roma! The tag for these was mixed up with the Amish Paste tag and until now I didn’t know which was which. Either way, roma and amish paste tomatoes are very similar and make great pasta and pizza sauce, and are great for canning. We look forward to a huge harvest!

I first came to harvest food but then became preoccupied with the yellow pear tomatoes the sis planted. Wow! This plant towers over the cage support and has tons of these clusters on it. I’ve never seen anything like it! I tried counting them at first and when I hit 60, I gave up because I was still near the top of the plant where I started. (Not to mention that the hubby was with me and began to roll his eyes until I got the hint.)

And finally we come to the cantaloupe that seems to call my name each time I walk past it. As they grow, we can add a sling to any melons that need one, to relieve stress for the plant. I don’t know if this plant will continue to sprawl, but I’m sure we can train it upwards even higher to save space. We’ll see.

Yep, I’m obsessed. Can ya tell? More as it keeps coming! 🙂

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