Another Summer’s Come And Gone

I remember it was around this time last year that we were getting our home prepped to sell and the road ahead was still unclear. Another year has come and gone and while most think of the passage of time as coming closer to the end of something, I feel like I’m just beginning again.

We’re nearing the last of the summer veggies from the kitchen garden here at home. But again, it’s actually a new beginning because now I get to discover what it’s like running a farm during wintertime. I am very thankful for all the food that came from the garden plot too, and cleanup has begun in both spaces. Last year, as the days got shorter the stress was all too noticeable. The moment I drove off into the sunset and didn’t look back, that all changed.

The chard and spinach are growing strong. The kale (that should be growing in between them) is struggling though. As is the lettuce (old seed) and the carrots and beets (not liking the soil). I think I’ll resow new lettuce seed… we often like to have a salad for lunch or dinner and it’s been a disappointment to not have any. And the hubby has an idea for ‘tenting’ the boxes which means we can probably grow greens well into winter. You know, it’s just amazing to me that these are now my biggest issues that come up. For example: This time two years ago all I could think about was finding enough time to rearrange my closet; how much time will it take to pack up the summer clothes and exchange them for my winter clothes? It’s almost embarrassing.

Much to my surprise there is one last bell pepper in the ‘summer’ box. Did the plant just put that out? Or did I overlook it? Good thing I procrastinated on clearing this box out. And there happens to be one last hot pepper too. Cool!

Did I start this post out by saying we’re on the last bit of summer fruit? Someone should probably tell the tomato plant… it still thinks it’s summer and refuses to quit. The hubby is going to try the tenting idea for this box too, just to see if the rest of the fruit will keep growing and ripening up. He’s ecstatic that his biggest issues have changed as well. All he could think about in the past is whether he should bring on more contractors so he can bid on bigger construction jobs, and will it be enough to pay for finishing the house we were building? Whew! Thank goodness those days are gone forever.

This colorful contraption is a chipper the hubby found on Craig’s List. When he picked up the saw mill, he surprised me by grabbing this on the way home too. Now we won’t have to pay for mulch anymore. FAB!

Watching things grow. What a way to live.

The Red Ruby onions shot up like rockets and seem to really love this spot. I’ll let them bulb out a bit, then start a few more rows with the transplants. I’ll get the yellow onion seed started really soon too. Just more proof that the seasons don’t really ‘end’, they simply ‘renew’.

Kinda like us.