And Just A Few Weeks Later…

In a perfect world these last few weeks would have been different. Three nights in Puerto Rico would not have been met with rainy weather or the gate to the Arecibo Observatory closing right before we arrived. Here on the farm, rotating the pigs into different paddocks, separating sows from piglets and castrating the male piglets wouldn’t have sounded like a horror flick. And personally, I would’ve skipped catching a cold that created so much phlegm that I almost upchucked on the cashier at the CVS pharmacy! The hubby and I start talking about it and he looks at me with epiphany-face and says, “You know, you’re a glass half empty girl.” Hmm, if that is true then what’s the “full” part look like?!

Alright. Golly gee whiz. Let me try.

The Vacation


Three nights in Puerto Rico. Fancy hotels are perfectly balanced with friendly local faces. One beach has hot bodies laying around in cabanas, and another blasts loud mariachi music from a beer and pizza bar. And it’s one of the least pretentious islands in the Caribbean which is my favorite thing about it. Did it matter that it rained? Well, not really. It was so warm that a rain storm was quite refreshing and pretty sexy (getting caught in it on the beach that is).

And now for the Arecibo Observatory. Oh Arecibo. This is our second time trying to visit you. Ever since the movie Contact I’ve been desperate to see that telescope-thingy up close! So we woke up late, took the long way up the hill and just flat out missed our shot. But I suppose if we didn’t miss it we never would have discovered just how truly diverse life in Puerto Rico can be. You see, we took a different route back to the hotel and discovered neighborhoods where mansions were built right next to shacks. We saw a really expensive sports car pull up to an old horse tied to a fence on the side of the road, where the owner stepped out to fill up the trough and take off again. We saw (what we thought was) a Swedish woman walking with (what we thought was) an African man until both opened their mouths to speak fluent Spanish to each other. There were no dividing lines as one thing blended with another. Pretty cool.

All in all, with the amazing food, watching the Cubs win the World Series in the hotel room, and the vibe of Old San Juan and the historical sites, it was a wonderful vacation.

How am I doing so far?

The Farm Animals


When you pick up a two week old piglet it squeals. Loud. When the mama in the next paddock hears it she gets agitated and moans. Very loudly. When the piglets get castrated by the vet they (and their mama) squeal, moan, bark, growl and more, very, very loudly. And when 20+ caged turkeys can see and hear all of it, then your homestead becomes the neighborhood entertainment – first thing in the morning no less. But it was over in no time. No harm no foul. Just the normal sounds of a farm I suppose. And I’m grateful that I have such good mama sows and very healthy animals. We’ll have enough pork and turkey to last us all of 2017 and that in itself is worth putting on a show for everyone.

Am I turning over a new leaf here? This feels pretty good! I could get used to this!

The Cold

Naw. Still mad because I was sick for days. I’ll just skip this one.

OK, so the glass really is half full. The hubby was right and I can see that now. Let’s just say that things are better than I let on and I have a lot to be grateful for. Including my husband who always helps me to understand this very fact.