45 Ways To Coexist

45 things you can do to coexist with the planet and your neighbors. Plus informative news links below. In the end, you improve your family’s health, your home and garden is clean and your conscience is clear. You can’t beat that!

Build Green

Just The Facts

Buildings contribute a huge percentage to the health and environmental problems we face today. Despite all the insentive programs, we are not constructing healthy buildings. More than 30% of buildings in the US have poor indoor air quality, a serious problem given that most people spend about 90% of their time indoors.

Typical building construction, use, and demolition, as well as the manufacturing of building materials, contribute significantly to environmental problems. In the United States, buildings account for:

36% of total energy use
65% of electricity consumption
30% of greenhouse gas emissions
30% of raw materials use
30% of waste output (equal to 136 million tons annually)
12% of potable water consumption

A typical 1700 sq. ft wood frame home requires the equivalent of clear-cutting one acre of forest.


What You Can Do

  1. Use salvaged materials
  2. Consider going solar
  3. If possible, put in a well
  4. Consider using wood heat
  5. Buy energy-efficient appliances
  6. Use products that do not off-gas
  7. Install a rainwater system
  8. Install a graywater system
  9. Limit landscaping; go natural
  10. Use the sunlight for heating
  11. Buy energy-efficient light bulbs
  12. Calculate your carbon footprint – click here
  13. Install a passive-cooling system
  14. Invest in good insulation (foam, cellulose)
  15. Seal the home well


Live Green

Do a handful, or go for it and do them all. Every bit counts!

  1. Start a garden
  2. Raise chickens
  3. Use a clothesline once a week or more
  4. Cook more
  5. Can, freeze and dehydrate your food
  6. Use natural remedies for ailments
  7. Create your own homemade cleaners
  8. Create your own personal care products
  9. Take lunch to work
  10. Learn to live on less
  11. Carpool, bike ride or walk
  12. Convert a car to veggie oil
  13. Learn to sew
  14. Recycle and reuse whatever you can
  15. Avoid the doctor: eat right and exercise
  16. Skip a flight; go camping
  17. Press your own oils
  18. Make your own cheeses
  19. Bake your own bread


Shop Green

The money you spend on gas driving to a farm to buy beef, chicken, pork, honey, fruit and vegetables, and more, will still be considerably less than the amount of diesel a big rig will use to drive these items across the country.

  1. Know where your local restaurant shops for ingredients
  2. Shop for produce at the nearest farmers market
  3. Trade your goods for the neighbors’ goods
  4. Start a neighborhood CSA
  5. Find nearby farmers for meats, honey and milk
  6. Shop the ‘mom and pop’ stores
  7. Shop the thrift stores
  8. Have a clothing exchange party
  9. Shop garage sales
  10. Put the breaks on a big rig – buy in season
  11. Use Craig’s List service – across county beats across country


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